Cape Provider

This vessel can carry the cargo

        Size                         56' X 14' with a 5' draft

        Speed                     10 knots min cruse

        Passenger capacity    10

        Cargo Capacity        56,000lbs with 10 passengers on protected routes and 40,000 lbs with 10 passengers on partially protected waters.

        Deck Space            12' X 39'

        Engine                      Twin Detroit 600 hp 1200 hp total

        MOB Equip            Life Sling recovery system. 

        First Aid Kit            Yes fully stocked, much better complemented than the industry standard.

        Fire Fighting            75 lb fixed CO2, Two 10lb dry chemical and one 5lb dry chemical, Fire buckets, fire alarm

        Electronics              GPS/Chart plotter, Vhf X 2 , Sounder,  2200 watt Radar

        Dewatering             Two 10.8 gpm positive displacement pumps in eng room one 24Volt electric pump in rudder compartment 14 watertight compartments

        Signals                    Three Red Flares, three orange smoke signals, Electric/air Horn and bell..

        Alarms                    High temp, Low oil, high water in eng compartment and high water in aft compartment, fire alarm.

Grocery's to trees the Cape Provider can carry it in one run.

The Cape Provider can carry up to 6500 gallons of liquid cargo.  We currently have pumping capability for fresh water delivery also sewage tanks for ship to shore transport


The Cape Provider is an ideal tool for odd needs with plenty of capacity and plenty of space.



On this job these lifts were delivered to a ship for hold cleaning.

Loading at the shore side doesn't involve any heavy equipment.

Going up using the ship's crane.

Passenger areas are fine.  Here are crewmembers going home off of a LNG vessel.

Shirley awaits the ship's crane for another lift