Heavy Weather Vessel

Cape Crusader


The Cape Crusader is pure business with an extreme weather operations capability


        Size                         47' X 14' with a 5' draft

        Speed                     18 knots min cruse

        Passenger capacity    6

        Cargo Capacity        This vessel can carry a large verity of research and dive equipment however is not allowed to function as a freight vessel for large stores and spares.

        Engine                      Twin Detroit 450 hp

        Route                      Six pak to 100miles offshore.

        MOB Equip            Life Sling recovery system. Two side recovery wells. Floating Back Stokes Litter with lifting slings.

        First Aid Kit            Yes fully stocked, much better complemented than the industry standard.

        Fire Fighting            Three 10lb CO2, fire alarm

        Electronics              GPS/Chart plotter, Vhf X 2 , Sounder,  4000 watt Radar, Class B AIS.

        Aux Power            9.5 kw single phase 110/220 volt gen.

        Dewatering             7 24 volt electric dewatering pumps. .

        Signals                    Three Red Flares, three orange smoke signals, Electric/Air Horn.

        Alarms                    High temp, Low oil, high water in eng compartment and high water in aft compartment, high water in passenger compartment,

                                        high water in fwd  compartment.  Steering failure alarm, charging failure alarms. auto pilot failure alarms.

Cape Crusader provides an excellent boarding platform for offshore operations

I took this photo 14 miles offshore and in 45kt sustained winds with gusts to over 55 knots  Waves were large and steep.  We were able to meet this ship and while he provided a suitable lee, officers were transferred to this ship safely.

The Cape Crusader is the only vessel around that can perform safely in these type of conditions.  We generally don't recommend operating in these type of conditions however sometimes the situation warrants a effort and the Cape Crusader is the launch you want to be on! 

The Cape Crusader is a stable platform for all types of boardings.  This man is just embarking the container ship underway.

This is what the Cape Crusader looks like out of the water.

The Cape Crusader participates in anti-fouling paint research and is here out of the water to be inspected by the researchers.  This participation will pave the way for environmentally responsible performance coatings of the future. 


The Cape Crusader is equally at home boarding anchored ships as here embarking a cargo inspector to a bulk ship.

Cape Crusader boarding a reverse gangway

Being an ex USCG lifeboat the Cape Crusader is an excellent rescue vessel with may life saving missions under it's belt.  Here a burn victim from a vessel is being transferred to shore for a helicopter ride to a burn trauma center. 

On this photo and the one below the Crusader served as a platform for dive and ship inspection operations while the ship was at anchor in the bay.  Above the dive coordinator works with the inspector guiding the diver to the areas of the ship that the inspector wants to see live on camera.

Dive tenders on the starboard quarter.

Here a diver is exiting the water utilizing the port recovery well.